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LON she manual call point/orange

Article No.: 13368200654


LON SHEV button/orange

24 V DC LON-RDA push-button as manual control element for triggering an SHEV alarm.
With function and labelling according to VdS 2888.
With individual LON address for integration into the LON network. Acoustic trigger and fault signal as well as for identification in the LON network via integrated buzzer.

Optical messages for operation, fault and tripping and service-friendly encircling of faults via fault flashing code.
Flame-retardant ABS surface-mounted plastic housing in the colour

with lockable door and exchangeable glass pane.
Manufactured in Germany in compliance with ISO 9001.

Connection options:
2 groups for ventilation for connection of max. 10 ventilation buttons with or without visual display, type LTA25 or LTA11 or 1 group for ventilation for connection of max. 10 ventilation buttons without visual display (LTA11) and 1 group for SHEV for connection of max. 10 SHEV buttons type RBH/3A/.
One connection each for potential-free signalling (30 V / 1 A): RDA triggered and ready for operation.
System voltage: 24 V DC Nominal (-15 % / +25 %)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 125 x 125 x 36 mm
Color: [Orange]

LON-RDA push-button, make STG-BEIKIRCH


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