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Frequency converter 7,5 kW 380-480V IP55 m. LON m. 24V

Article No.: 13280000375


Frequency converter 7,5kW 380-480V IP55 m. LON m. 24V

Frequency converter for stepless speed control of inlet and outlet
fans from different performance classes.With external 24 VDC
option for control logic buffering when the 400 VAC power
supply is switched to emergency power.
For installation in a control cabinet.
Suitable for operation without derating within the ambient
temperature range from 0 to 45°.
Automatic energy optimisation for maximum
motor efficiency under part load too.
Automatic motor acceleration and running time adjustment to
prevent faults. Full motor protection with PTC thermistor
evaluation in the converter.
Emergency operation at reduced speed in the event of
overtemperature, low voltage or power failure.
Detection and alarm forwarding in the event of fan V-belt breakage
or operation with a slide closed without external components.
Real-time clock for time-dependent control systems and time
stamp for fault messages.
Separate converter and motor operating hours counter and
fault message storage facility. Four PID controllers,
including one three-zone controller,
for internal/external desired/actual values (scalable in
process parameters).
Programmable logic functions/sequence controls
for simple drive tasks.

Graphic display with the following display and control options:

- Clear text display in German
- Display of curve characteristics
- Access to all device parameters
- Saving and copying facility for parameter sets
- Quick Start-up menu
- Manual-0-Auto switching and alarm acknowledgement
- Freely configurable user menu with separate password
- protection

2x analogue inputs (switchable between 0-10 V/0-20 mA),
scalable and invertible
4x 24 V logic digital inputs, with active high or active low options
2x 24 V logic digital terminals, can be used either as inputs or outputs
2x floating change-over contacts with programmable
function and pick-up and drop-out delay times
1x programmable analogue output 0/4-20 mA,
scalable internal auxiliary voltage supply: 10 V/DC for desired
value potentiometer 1 kOhm and motor protection PTC thermistor
24V/DC for switching the digital inputs and if necessary
for supplying active actual value sensors

With optional LON card for computer control within the
LON SPS control system and for integration in the
monitoring of the safety-oriented STG-BEIKIRCH LON system.

Frequency converter __________ . kW as described above:
Housing design: IP 20
Supply voltage: 380-480 V, ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Max. rated motor current:__________ . A
Output power at 400 V:__________ . kVA

Frequency converter FC102, manufacturer: Danfoss


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