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Synchronous module SM3 1,0A/1,0A/A

Article No.: 13368011060


Synchronous module SM3 1,0A/1,0A/A for M2 500N


-For operating two drives with signal generators, without limit switches and without integrated load cutoff
-Safe operation in conjunction with up to 1000 mm lifts, regardless of the drive running times or the window/roof flap material
-Up to 10 m permissible cable length between SM3 and drives
-Integrated stopping times in “Close” direction to eliminate potential differences in running time
-Factory-preset cutoff thresholds when raising and lowering
-Service port interface for additional configuration options
-Configurable alert contact

Unit properties:

-If load-related differences occur, they are automatically eliminated and exact synchronisation assured
-The integrated current-dependent overload cutoff mechanism shuts the drives down at the end points and (if overload occurs) interim points
-Upon reaching the end position, the synchronous module locks to prevent multiple activation in the same direction, and can only be
controlled in the opposite direction
-Faulty or missing drives are detected and the control of other connected drives prevented

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage: 24 V DC (-20 % /+25 %)
Permissible ripple in rated voltage: 2 Vss
Cutoff: Integrated electronic max. load cutoff, cutoff values dictated by connected drive, see also Planning aids: Section 4
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +70 °C
Terminals: max. 6 mm2 for motor power supply cable, max 2.5 mm2 for forwarding cable, max. 1.5 mm2 for drives and signal cables
Protection category: IP 54



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